Canada's NDP


February 5th, 2021

Let's take profits out of long-term care and implement a Care Guarantee

NDP reveal first campaign promise aimed at helping loved ones in long-term care, their families, and the workers that take care of them

VICTORIA – Today the Federal NDP announced its plan to take profits out of long-term care and implement a Care Guarantee to protect those in long-term care.

With for-profit facilities being responsible for the largest share of Covid-19 outbreaks in long -term care homes in BC, as well as a disproportionate share of the deadliest outbreaks, the need for a national Care Guarantee is clear.

“With seniors already the most at risk from the pandemic, it is crucial that we take decisive measures to protect them amidst these grave health concerns. “ Said MP Garrison “Implementing a Care Guarantee will not only help protect those most vulnerable during the pandemic, but also ensure Canadians have access to safe, dignified and accountable long-term care for years to come”

Decades of successive Conservative and Liberal cuts have left long-term care facilities across the country unable to effectively care for their residents. The NDP is committed to rebuilding Canada’s long-term care capacity, and ensuring that the needs of aging Canadians are its number one priority.

"We need a government that prioritizes people over profit, a government that is on the side of seniors, their families and frontline healthcare workers - not wealthy investors," said MP Laurel Collins. “We're seeing time and time again that COVID outbreaks are happening more frequently in for-profit long term care homes, and Vancouver Island is no exception. It is critical that we protect our elderly loved ones, who are most vulnerable in this pandemic. They deserve to live safely, with dignity, and with the very best care.”


For more information please contact:

MP Laurel Collins office - contact Nadia Hamdon, or 250-532-2482