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May 15th, 2023

Samaneh Asghari – Children's rights activist and industrial engineering student

Who is Samaneh?

Samaneh Asghari is an industrial engineering student at Kharazmi University. She is a strong advocate for children’s rights, she was arrested in October 2022, and has been detained since.She was recently sentenced to 18 years and three months in prison.

POlitical Sponsorship.

Following the events in Iran since the death of Mahsa Amini, and in speaking with Iranian-Canadians here in Victoria, it is clear to me that the stories coming out of Iran must be shared. Iranians have been taking courageous steps to fight for their rights and freedom - fighting for themselves’ and for generations of women to come. As a result, they are being unjustly imprisoned, persecuted or murdered for speaking out. We cannot be silent in the face of the atrocious actions by the Iranian regime.

I am politically sponsoring Samaneh Asghari, a children’s rights activist and industrial engineering student that has been unjustly sentenced to 18 years in prison. Samaneh was recommended to me by a constituent in my riding that is committed to raising awareness about the situation in Iran.

Samaneh deserves her freedom. Iranians deserve their freedom, and they deserve to live in dignity with their human rights upheld. Women should never be unjustly imprisoned, tortured, sexually assaulted, or worse, murdered, for speaking out against the Iranian regime’s repressive practices when it comes to their freedom. Today, and until Samaneh is released, I will use my public platform to call for her freedom. I will also continue to call on the Government of Canada to do more to ensure that the human rights of women in Iran are protected.

The Government of Canada must do more to ensure that the human rights of women in Iran are protected.

I will continue to work with Iranian-Canadians in my riding to seek justice for Samaneh and other political prisoners. I stand in solidarity with the brave Iranians who continue to demand democracy and freedom.

Women, Life, Freedom.